Kosher “Chopped” Tu B’Shvat Cooking Challenge

It has been one crazy week (and I am finally slowing down to write about it as I sit in a doctor’s waiting room waiting for my turn) but the highlight of this past week was competing in a “Chopped” cooking challenge at Gourmet Glatt! The event was hosted by the renowned cookbook author Naomi Nachman (Perfect for Pesach).

The rules of the competition were to use seven unknown ingredients that were Tu B’Shevat themed as well as items from a “pantry” that was to be shared by the other contestants and prepare a dish that incorporated all the ingredients in less than 30 minutes. Doing something like this was definitely out of my comfort zone but once that timer went off it was remindful of my NYS pharmacy compounding exam and a mental plan was in order minus all the calculations! The ingredients in the basket were a pound of Atlantic salmon, a tuna steak, prune hamentaschen filling, a pomegranate, a blood orange, a bag of roasted chestnuts, and a bag of dried tropical fruits.

As soon as I saw the fish I knew I wanted to pan sear them both but I could not use the same pan for both simultaneously so I figured it would take fifteen minutes for the salmon and about six or seven minutes for the tuna leaving me less than ten minutes for any other side dish. The easiest thing in my mind was to make a salad and use any of the other ingredients as a topping. What I ended up doing was pan searing the salmon with blood orange wedges and serving it on top of zucchini noodles and toasting the roasted chestnuts to make a tuna crusted tuna steak. I used the prune filling together with two other fruity marmalades to make a Tu B’Shvat glaze for both fish and the pomegranate arils and dried fruits as a topping for the salad. I finished with 5 minutes left on the clock! Phewwww! It was a really great surprise when I found out that my dish won! #shocked. What made me truly happy was to be able to show people that cooking healthy does not mean you need to sacrifice taste and flavor. #Thankful

Here are the recipes:

Tu B’Shevat Seared Citrus Salmon


1 lb Atlantic salmon fillet cut in 3 slices

1 blood orange sliced into wedges

Juice of half a lemon

Avocado oil spray

Garlic powder

Coconut aminos

Fior di Frutta Seville orange marmalade

Fior di Frutta Fig marmalade


1. Spray skillet with oil and allow the pan to heat up for 3 min

2. While oil is heating up squeeze the juice of half a lemon onto the fish in addition to a splash of coconut aminos and garlic powder

3. Place fish on hot pan skin side down and press down for 10 seconds using a spatula

4. Flip sides after ~4 min and cook on high for another 4 min

5. In the same pan add the sliced blood orange wedges and pan sear the wedges

6. Allow salmon to cook for another 5-7 minutes on medium heat depending on the desired doneness

7. In a separate bowl mix a tablespoon of fig jam with a tablespoon of orange marmalade as well as a small amount of coconut aminos—add to the salmon as a glaze (this step is optional, I personally don’t prefer sweet glazes…I also added a small amount of the prune butter to this step)

8. Serve immediately over zoodles and with a salad of spinach, pomegranate seeds, and the seared oranges with alfalfa sprouts as garnish

9. Enjoy!

Roasted Chestnut Crusted Tuna


1 tuna steak

1 bag of Gefen roasted chestnuts

Avocado oil spray

Garlic powder

Coconut aminos

Cracked pepper


1. Spray skillet with oil and allow the pan to heat up for 3 min

2. While oil is heating splash coconut aminos on tuna and garlic powder and cracked pepper

3. Chop up the roasted chestnuts into small pieces

3. Place fish in hot pan and sear on both sides for approximately 3-4 minutes on each side on medium-high flame

5. In the same pan add the chestnuts to toast for 1-2 minutes

6. Serve the tuna with the toasted chestnuts and drizzle some remaining glaze from the citrusy salmon on top

9. Enjoy!


Miriam (@thepaleopharmasis)

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