Week 1 Review

My motivation for doing a reset this month was to help with my chronic inflammation. For the past 2 months my neck and shoulder were acting up and every time I exercised it got worse to the point where I needed take naproxen every single day otherwise it would act up. I also started to feel pain in my hand and elbow more recently and I just attributed it to carrying my heavy baby. Now this is not the first whole 30 I have done and each time I do one I have a different intention. My very first whole 30 was in February of 2013 and my intention then was to help with GI distress. What I always find interesting is that with each new round I learn something new about my body but a common theme for me is that sugar in any form makes me verrrrry sleepy! Sooo after a mere week the pain I was feeling in my neck and shoulder actually let up and I was able to do yoga today which I haven’t been able to in months! The week itself was rough because I felt like I was hungover for a good portion of it and I also discovered that my baby is allergic to eggs so I was forced to modify my go to breakfasts for the most part which is never easy. Now that I’ve got my tiger blood I’m excited to begin week 2! Adding to the excitement of week to my pharmacister Goldie and I met Michelle Tam in Whole Foods this morning! Eek!

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